Terms & Conditions

Each office is independently owned and operated. If your property is listed with another Broker, this is not a solicitation. RE/MAX C.C. Connection Inc, BRE# 01147677 and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information concerning the features of the property provided by the seller, obtained by public records or other sources. Buyers are advised to verify the accuracy of the information through personal inspections with appropriate licensed professionals. Information gathered from several sources is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All properties listed on this page are not necessarily the listings of RE/MAX C.C. Connections Inc. and are listed for informational purposes only, they are not intended to be advertising for any specific property, bank owned or short sale.

Business card scratch off terms and conditions:
Business card scratch off will be credited back to buyer or seller upon successfully closed purchase or sold home with Robert Farrar.  This offer good for one use only.